Moody Moodboard

Hey you. I got a message yesterday from someone on my instagram asking me about my style change. I thought about it and at first I thought it was because of London being so damn cold and the sun playing hide and seek that my pics became greyer and dustier. But then, as I walked through the crowds of Camden with my red fishnets, glaring at the exchange groups blocking the way between me and my coffee, I realised: I'M MOODY.

Or moodier than before I guess. But hold up (yep, you mum), it's not a bad thing. I guess I'm just not faking it anymore. I'm not extra nice and I simply do not give people my time and attention if I'm not genuinely intellectually interested in them.

So yeah, join me in being moody and genuine. Because only then you are actually living your own life without hiding your emotions.

Luvya xx