How To Love Yourself


Oh hello there.

Blinded by the new header, are you? I kind of felt like it, it is from an analogue photo I had taken in 2012 in Paris. Why? Because I got back a roll of film that I had given to get developed from my most recent trip to Paris and it came out all blank, so I got a little devastated because I knew it would've been very pretty. So I started digging down my old ones. (Also currently in search for a new analog camera so if anyone has a suggestion hit me up and I will bake you cookies.)

I kind of got inspired on the way. I haven't been feeling great these past couple of days and I thought, I used to write these posts as a pep talk to myself and anyone that possibly needs it. So here goes: Like most of my peers I am struggling with the one thing that should be the easiest for all of us unique human beings:

I mean what is there to not love about ourselves? It sounds easy right. Well, that isn't the case.Lack of self love destroys girls like me. It constantly makes us compare ourselves with others: in the streets, in a coffee shop, in a store and of course, social media. Constantly seeing other people project their perfection via various social media platform can get you while you're in PJs with no make up on. Their edited projection of their lives is automatically compared to your reality and therefore makes you feel "oh, well she's prettier." It makes you not want to try being productive, because in your head no matter what you do you won't be good enough.

Good enough for who, I hear you ask. Good enough for him/her, good enough for society? No.

The only person you need to be good enough is yourself. Because how can you love someone, adore a painting, genuinely enjoy a cup of coffee and sincerely listen to someone if you don't love yourself first?

How can you show compassion towards the world if you're emotionally numb and don't even love yourself?

I am currently creating a challenge for myself and all of you who suffer in self-acknowledgement and approval. Stop judging yourself, stop torturing yourself because you are not somebody else, stop trying to change yourself. Accept yourself.

Love yourself. Pick your own daisies up.

However, this does not mean that you shouldn't work for anything. If a positive change is what you crave, work for it until you get it. Work hard and don't give up, but love yourself all throughout the journey. Let self love do its magic and inspire you.

What is there to not love?

Love, Mina