1 am wellness thoughts: Are we all actually mad here?


It's 00.59 am and I just went in the kitchen to chop up and freeze bananas. Why, I hear you ask. Honestly, you wouldn't be asking that question if you knew how much of an indecisive psycho I am. I am the person that wants long hair yet I crave for a bob when it finally grows. I want to be in a city yet think of the next destination when I finally make it. I crave fruits and veggies when I try to eat more protein based yet protein is always on my mind.

Greedy? Maybe.

Passionate? Definitely.

My relationship with food has probably been my most complicated one, full of joy, tears, heartbreak and love. I must say, I have probably tried anything and everything. I've been the carb cutter, clean eater, the pushy vegan, the passionate vegetarian, the ignorant (read with an American accent) "um is there butter in this" person, the occasional fruitarian and the binge eater.

Yet there is one thing that I've discovered while going through all this: Identifying and marking yourself with an "-ism" never works. You limit yourself, push people aside, create imaginary boundaries and unnecessary rules to obey. Of course, good deeds for the planet matter, yet they should never be your priority. c:



I have decided on that day that I wouldn't build a wall around myself with -ism's.

"I" come before the animals.

Since then I've been trying to listen to my body, feed it the foods it wants (though I doubt it'll ever be meat). Now that I have a far more healthy relationship with my body and that I value my inner wellness more, I'm slowly becoming more and more aware of what makes me feel better. I certainly do need to eat more fruits and veggies, cut the dairy and drink way more water, but even this awareness is better than forcing myself not to have something I occasionally enjoy (mac n cheese, I'm talking about you). 

Of course, it looks amazing from the outside. But at the end of the day life isn't coconuts and palm trees and you need to think of what's best your body and your wellness. Just let yourself enjoy it. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Oh, the bananas? I just felt like having nana ice cream for the first time in so long, hope it works out in the morning.

Eat yo greens!

Love and good night,

Mina On The Moon

PS: If you share my opinion or have an alternative please comment, I'd love to hear more voices.

PS2: Do I do Youtube again or not?