The Art of Self Underestimation: How To Defeat Your Saboteur

Hello, Dolly! This is your saboteur, Dolly!

Oh, the good ole' saboteur. For those of you who are unaware what it is or are lucky enough to lead lives without it: a saboteur is basically the ugly voice inside you softly whispering to your ear "You will fail." It's the fat girl inside saying "Leave it, one workout won't make a difference. You want cake anyways." It's the hypocritical mirror saying "She is way prettier than you, I mean, have you seen her on Instagram?" It's the buzzkill making you stop using your creativity with "You're not the next Monet."

The saboteur is your personal inner miserable bitch.

And it's about time she shuts it for good.

Personally, I've listened to and obeyed my saboteur so many times. The saboteur starts getting louder once you're out of your comfort zone; probably when you're trying something new, in a neighbourhood you're not familiar with or simply when you're trying to be self-constructive.

Starting something new is often difficult at first: a new diet plan, a new workout routine, a new social circle... Believe me, it's tough for everyone. The reason for that is simply the fact that us humans get too comfortable too soon and when we feel relaxed in one stage, we don't want it to change.

Why does it feel easier to stay in and binge instead of going for a run, or watch Netflix instead of reading a challenging book? The saboteur, being the bitch she is, manipulates your willpower by stating you made-up excuses about anything and everything that could possibly go wrong.

So here I am, saying (or typing) this out loud:

Let's defeat the saboteur.

Let's not worry if our art is not that inspirational or museum-worthy, let's just use our creativity and make some fucking art.

Let's not stay inside debating whether today is a workout day and just go out and sweat our butts off- trust me, it's worth it. Let's not stay silent in the corner waiting for someone to talk to us and just shout our ideas out loud.

And please, people, if you want to express yourself through any sort of social media,pen and paper or a blog, just do it. Do not think about the hypothetical criticism you will get because no one should be able to judge you for what goes through your heart. Let's not worry, stress or overthink. Let's defeat the saboteur. Let's live a little.

Let's have our cake and fucking eat it too.


Mina On The Moon