The Effortless: How To Style Your Mum's Jeans


As the season changes, I always feel like I have nothing to wear- even when my closet is basically on the verge of an overflow. This happens especially with jeans. I've been looking for the perfect pair of jeans since forever, so I had the idea, why not raid my mums vintage pieces? Here is how I styled my mums vintage jeans to be effortlessly chic and UNdone.

The Look

I found so many flared jeans which, probably, were the bomb a couple of decades ago (and even last season). But now, it's all about the comfy bootcut. Today, I went for the parisienne Gabrielle Chanel look that I absolutely adore. Instead of the flares, I rolled them up to a decent length and combined them with simple black ballerinas and an oversized boyfriend shirt.

It helped me achieve one of my ultimate fave vibes: The Effortless.

Wearing: Vintage mum jeans, H&M Boyfriend shirt, Beymen Ballerinas

The Face

With such an outfit, your main aim is to look effortless and -with the words of Sara-, to be undone. How can you really be undone if you've been contoured to perfection? All you need to complete this look would be some mascara and some colour on the lips. There: You're UNdone.

Wearing: Benefit Browzingz, MAC In Extreme Dimension Mascara, Clinique Anti Blemish Powder, Clinique Chubby Stick


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