The Best Decision I Have Ever Made


speciesism (n):

  1. discrimination in favor of one species over another, especially in the exploitation or mistreatment of animals by humans.


Today marks my 1 Year Veggie Anniversary (so I need to be quick and post before midnight!!!). And I can say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life.

Last year yesterday, I had had my very last burger and was suffering from yet another heartburn. I was never a big meat-eater and I always used to get a heartburn after meat, sometimes even resulting in me not breathing properly. I started it as a "One week vegan challenge" and decided to eat vegan for a week. It felt too good that I couldn't stop afterwards. The thought of meat, dead animal flesh, as food disappeared after a week I just wanted to devour every single piece of fruit (I'm bananas for bananas) and veggie on earth.

Physically, I was more active than ever and days spent on the couch watching the Kardashians turned into days spent in the gym actually playing with weights. It did, obviously show on my body as well. I felt much lighter spiritually and physically. I was giving my body what it actually needed without taking anything from any other being.

I had lived 18 years of my life avoiding the truth of where food as we know it comes from. If you break it into pieces, it's actually pretty simple to make the connection. Most of us have pets at home that we love and see as members of the family. We love them, feed them and accept them. Cats, dogs, hamsters, they are animals. So are cows, pigs and chickens! But why do most of us don't ever make the connection? It's because we were fed this idea that "food comes from animals" so that big companies that support this inhumane animal industry keep making money while feeding us cancerous dead animal flesh.

Does that put you off? When I say dead animal flesh?

Well, sorry to break it to you but that burger actually comes from a cow. It comes from an actual being that was once alive, like you and me.

Calves get separated from their mothers at birth. Male chicks get killed instantly. Cows get tortured before slaughter. Free range/grass-fed is a lie.

Would you ever go hunt a cow yourself and slice it? No. Then why pay someone else to do it?

Would you ever slaughter your dog and eat it? No. Then why eat another animal?,

Think of all the bad karma you will get from helping take another beings life. We all share this planet and are here for ourselves only. No species is better than other.

See the truth for yourself and make the best decision you can ever make.

Here's how to start:

  • Watch
    • Earthlings (here)
    • Gary Yourofsky The Best Speech You'll Ever Hear (here)
    • 101 Reasons To Go Vegan (here)
  • Read
    • The China Study
    • The Starch Solution
  • Experiment
    • Do what I did. Try it for a week and see how amazing it is.
  • Ask!
    • I know I'm not an expert, but I will answer all questions to help spread the green message!


Just remember, loving and caring for animals is good for your health as well. Please read this.


PS: I know I'm not 100% vegan anymore due to various reasons but that does not mean that I won't promote it. I am making the gradual switch back and want to make it work more than ever. Go green!!


Please reach out to me if I am in any way helpful and I can try to answer any question on this matter!

How many animals I have saved: 202
How many lbs of meat I didn't eat: 195
Lbs of CO2 not released into the atmosphere: 1,609






Mina On The Moon out!