Oz Part #2: Sydney vs Melbourne & Highlights


Hello dear readers On The Moon! We're back from our trip to Australia and very, very jet-lagged and tired. While we were flying from Sydney to Doha, as I was peacefully sleeping my mom woke me up. I thought we were landing, she said "Yeah, but in Colombo!" Though tş still feels surreal to me, we did land in Sri Lanka and stayed there for like an hour and a half due to a medical emergency. And that was only the first 7 hours. The journey, in total, took 22 hours (23 if you count the Istanbul traffic). However, one way or another, I am finally back home (for a couple of days before going back to London) and enjoying my dad-made soy latte while writing this.

I absolutely adored Melbourne, I have so many relatives there and I miss them so much! It was so good to be with them and be in the city my mum grew up in.

Then, we made our way to Sydney and sort of tried to finish the whole city in two days. The best way to do this is, though it sounds pretty cheesy, the hop on hop off bus.

Here is my photo diary from Sydney:



Of course, I took a picture of the Opera House. How could I NOT do it? It does look pretty, but I must say, it is a bit overrated.


If you're a dedicated reader, you already know how much I love the blurry-background 50 mm shots.


Darling Harbour, an insane guy with way too many knives. This probably was the only hour it didn't rain. Though Melbourne was pretty kind to us with only 2 days of rain out of like 12, Sydney not so much.


Harbour Bridge. Apparently you can pay 150 oz dollars to walk on it. Though it would've been ace go-pro material, na thanks.


Oh look King's Cross, there was also Oxford Street. And everything else named as Victoria. Kingsville, Queensville, Wales, and then there's Wolloomooloo: my favourite Aboriginal word, apparently means BABY KANGAROO! So cute.


Cathedral. Looked very French. Sydney looks definitely European (excluding the beaches) while Melbourne is LA, Miami or anywhere beachy.


Bondi Beach was one of my favourite places in Sydney. All the vegan food, the waves and the white sand. I am so ready for summer.


Though everyone made me believe that it was too cold to swim, the water was actually pretty warm. Next time!


And now, my highlights from the trip, of course it's FOOD:


Lord of the Fries: I had been hearing about this restaurant all over Facebook and finally got to try it! I had a vegan hot dog and oh lord, it was too good. My lovely cousins also took me to an all vegan restaurant with vegan ribs and chicken waffles (I know, freaky!) and it was too interesting that I will write about it in a completely different blog post.


Gelato Blue: HELL YEAH. Finally. Now I can fully qualify as a vegan-food blogger. The funny thing is, the shop was actually closed when we got there (I was so sad because it was our final day and I was DYING to try their vegan ice cream). My mum, being the super hero she is, banged on the door till the guy agreed on opening to serve us. Thank you sir, thank you. Shoutout to my mum for being f*cking amazing. Long story short, the ice cream was amazing.


Thank you for reading, you're awesome! As a verdict, I would say that I loved Melbourne more than Sydney. I mean I adored Melbourne. Definitely coming back (and hopefully soon ;)).



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