serendipity (noun) :the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way, finding something good without looking for it You know how I always go on about living life to the fullest? Experiencing anything and everything and that kind of crap? Here I sit in my favourite teahouse and think, is it really how it's supposed to be

and am I actually doing it?

I feel like at certain times I should give myself a break. Let yourself go and let it be. There is no point constantly stressing yourself about things that don't really matter that much in the long run. There is no point forcing yourself to be free.

Because life and freedom should come naturally.

With my unintentional rhymes, I long for a life full of serene, chilled moments. With no worries and plenty of flowers to smell. Debating over green tea and coffee instead of death on our planet. Peace on earth and a piece of peace for myself.

Discovering new atmospheres, experiencing feelings I didn't know I could. Walking into a random café and finding your happy place. Happiness when it rains, happiness when you're covered. Happiness, unexpected.

Lights won't guide you home. You will guide yourself wherever you need to. Whenever you need to. Reliance on others doesn't make you weak. Yet relying on yourself is power.

Passion is key. Whether you find it in a café corner in Hoxton or lying on the seaside, stick to it and never let go. It might be hard at times but as I always say, never apologise for something that you did with passion.

Simply wander and never cease to wonder.

It's your life and it's 5 pm. There are so many things to see and you're having tea. Don't enforce anything on yourself. Let yourself be. Let things come to you. Take care of yourself and yourself only.

PS: These posts are more about the photography and I simply like captioning them.


Mina On The Moon