What Do You Feel Alive For?

There are some days where you just all of a sudden zone out, staring at the trees longing for the spring that will never come with goosebumps. All your worries, future plans, thoughts and feelings freeze with the inexplicable rush that takes over your body. You look around, take a deep breath and after quite a while finally feel like you were supposed to since the beginning: Alive. Most people have a thought in mind, some feeling or person that they're alive for. Yet shouldn't we be alive for ourselves before anyone or anything else?

Are we bound to feel alive only with the presence of some other element? Isn't it a feeling, though for some it's deep down and forgotten, that we all must feel and share?

Has this world full of technology made us forget what's real and what's not? Why don't we walk up to strangers anymore? Why don't we ask people their favourite colours? Why don't we feed the birds or just sit in parks anymore? Why don't we take care of ourselves?

Are we that done with each other that we don't even look up from our cellphones and yet look for small things and meaningful moments to feel alive again?

My peaceful moment would be a big mug of green tea, some daisies; looking up at the sky and appreciating it all. Appreciating every single being on earth, appreciating the planet, appreciating you and most importantly, me.

Taking care of myself like I'm gold, like I'm worth something. Like I'm worth everything.

Smelling flowers, looking at the colours in someones eyes. Laughter to break the silence. Pure love to soothe the pain. Kindness instead of judgement.

  Going everywhere and anywhere to experience that feeling of being "alive", not stopping till you finally know you are.

My advice, from this night full of cozy music, blankets and tea and me; would be to feel everything, hide nothing, live to the fullest and live for yourself.

The most important thing is to love and accept yourself since you can't possibly love anyone else before yourself. Be alive.