Berlin Day #4: Auf Wiedersehen

Now I'm sitting in the airport because we're earlier than the check in time. We finished our little Berlin getaway and took our second Turkish cab back to the airport, waiting for a plane that will take us back to London where essays and responsibilities await. For my last post from Berlin, I will look back at some unpublished memories and pictures, basically the highlights of our trip.


As with this demotivational #ihavethisthingwithfloors picture, I find the whole historical background in Berlin very fascinating. Looking back to our visits this week, everything we visited was related to the second world war. It makes me think about how deeply it affected firstly the German culture, then the world.


It was really great to get away with fun people who understand you and are almost always down for anything crazy you want to do.


It was exceptional to be able to cook after all these months! I would prefer self-made veggie curry over any dorm food everyday.


I love and appreciate any kind of art. Anywhere everywhere.


Away from the daily commotion of London, so free and peaceful.


The Wall in the East Side Gallery was just fascinating. It was my favourite part. It is the part of the city that has the most soul.


Another snapshot from Checkpoint Charlie. If I don't take enough pictures, I don't count myself as a traveler.

Me Time

There is nothing a bright pink Lush bath bomb can't solve.


Randomly found a Dali exhibition and went by myself. It was full of sketches and less known paintings.

This was all for #MinaGoesToBerlin! Hope you enjoyed my trip notes as much as I did. Wait till April for more travel posts!



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