Berlin Day #3: Sehenswürdigkeiten

Here I sit, eating my self-cooked lentils that taste like heaven after dorm food; looking back at our 3rd day in Berlin. We had a cultural tour, visiting all the historically important landmarks; as well as a tour in the woods.

The Soviet Memorial. Today was probably an important day in Russian history, there were many people with flowers in their hands in front of the museum.

We had a cute little stroll through Tiergarten on the way to the Brandenburg gate.

It has rained every single day since we came here, but I don't mind it. I love the rain, the only issue is that my camera gets wet.

I love how mysterious forests are. So similar yet so different. So are we.

Memorial rocks in the middle of the woods.

Pictures to keep memories alive. Memories to fill pictures.

Forgiveness? Could be anything. Could be for anyone.

We went to the top of the Reichstag (no pictures since it was dark, but you can see it in front of the book). It felt very spy-ish and formal. The view was just too pretty to handle.

We last visited the Holocaust Memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe. I do not understand how people can take selfies smiling between these monuments built to honour and mourn for a people that suffered a loss of 6 million.

Our 3rd day was culturally productive and sadly tomorrow will be our last till we get back to London.

Thanks for reading!



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