Wherever You Go, There You Are


I've never been able to understand whether it's because of me or the environment. I don't want to brag, but I adapt quite quickly. I've been doing it since I was just a small child visiting lands far away with Bastian Balthazar Bux in my favourite book, or just last year having a stroll in the woods with Naoko and Murakami,seeking happiness. Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Even when I'm physically there, I find one or two factors that remind me of the homey feeling you get when it's too cold outside but you're in a blanket, sippin' on green tea.

If it's France, I look far over my vintage sunglasses as in a black and white Goddard movie and it reminds me of Audrey in Paris When It Sizzles, and I'm home. If it's Italy, I remember my dads long Italian phone calls that me and my mum make fun of, and I'm home. If it's Holland, I think of the cold and silent streets of the Hague with the faint voice of a busker at 2 a.m., and I'm home. If it's Greece, I recall the Mediterranean vibe with some Kalamata olives, some ouzo and our relatives in Komotini and all the things we both claim to be ours, and I'm home. Right now I am in The Black Penny, in London, I hear Flume and Alt-J, I go back to the summer, the sea, the life underwater, the sun and tan lines, and I'm home... The list would go on and on, yet one question remains unanswered. Can one person have this many homes?

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Take your character wherever you go. In such a global and multicultural world, find what makes you unique and watch it blend with the rest.

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Everywhere you go, there are people to add something to your soul. People are new safe havens, new cultures, new words, new homes and undiscovered colours. How weird is the whole concept of "undiscovered colours"?

Just as we assume we know all colours, we can't think of a new one because we simply haven't seen it yet.

Never stop searching for new colours, new homes.

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I know that as from now though I'll never be completely home anywhere; wherever I go, I will be home.




PS: As you might've noticed, the blog isn't focused only on one topic and I kind of like that it's spread apart, since one person can't simply only be interested in fashion. I feel like it represents me as a person, consisting of different things. I love that I can share my inspirational writing as well as photography and fashion. I feel like this is how it should be. There is always more to life than what we share.