Fresh Sheets, New Year

With the new year fresh and new, you're probably seeing about a hundred "New Years Resolutions" lists from your relatives on Facebook. I've never been the type to actually set a bunch of far fetched goals, just to leave them unachieved. Yet, of course, I, too, have always had certain ideas of what I were to be doing that year in order to simply make my life better, well, at least my January. But haven't we all experienced first hand the failure, when it isn't even February yet and you're stuffing your face with half a pack of Reese's buttercups in your gym gear?

That, my readers, is why this year I am not setting any extreme goals to be enforced on me and I am not letting myself feel guilty for not achieving them. Let's get real, downing 3 sizes in a month is not happening anytime soon and you're not figuring the meaning of life just because you wrote it on a peace of paper on New Years Eve after half a bottle of wine.

As I said, let's get real. Let's focus on what matters. Therefore, my list will consist of long term ideas that I wish to fully acquire and apply to my daily life, without the pressure of them being "new years goals". And don't you forget, no such thing as new year=new me.

The correct version is,

New year, same old me. Just better.

  • Productivity

I wish to be very, very productive this year. Sometimes you feel the creativity throbbing in your veins, your brain full of colours yet the only thing you need to do is get off the damn couch, go outside and explore.

This year, I will get off the couch.

  • Love

Love, in the way I use it, isn't simply the wish to have a "boyfriend" or some other sort of Kendall Jenner style New Years resolution. Love should be everywhere. People should be nice to each other. We shouldn't wait until a certain person does something magical to have love for them. Love should be all around us, in the air, in the coffee mug, in every glance you get from a stranger.

This year, I will have love for everyone.

  • Health

By health, I don't simply mean having some kale everday. I mean mental health, resulting in physical wellbeing. More yoga, more nourishing food, more daily water intake, more positivity.

This year, I will be healthy, in and out.

Of course, I do have more "goals". But some should be kept until the point I reach them.

Never forget, it's a new year, full of new opportunities. Live it to the fullest. Love, MT