Do You Want To Be An Icon?


Trust me- we all want it. We all want people to point at us when we walk down the street, our hair dancing in the wind, heels clicking simultaneously with the rest of the world,   scarf flowing as if we're the girl with the green scarf. But what does it take for people to look up to us? Better question- should it require any effort, to be effortlessly envied?

There have been many and many icons throughout modern history, some we love- some we adore. But why do we love them so much? Is there a pattern?



Always one of my favourites. Flawless both style and personality-wise. Would have loved to stroll around Paris with Audrey, in cropped man pants and black flats, bold eyebrows, typing a short story on a typewriter. Obviously, my favourite Audrey movie is Paris When It Sizzles and I find Breakfast at Tiffany's to be slightly overrated, just sayin.

I've never been a fan of Marilyn Monroe and personally hate it when they try to compare her to Audrey. One is a sex icon (a pretty one), one is a stylish humanitarian. I don't understand how young girls aspire to be like Monroe, when she has no actual accomplishment useful for the society whatsoever. Whereas Hepburn was a UNICEF ambassador, fighting for young children's education rights.

Some tips for the Hepburn style:

  • Black ballet flats
  • High waisted cigarette pants
  • Little black dress -no dear, not that short
  • Bold brows -grow them out, don't restrict yourself
  • Black crewneck sweater
  • Simple striped shirt- preferably paired with the pants
  • The iconic black sunglasses
  • The headscarf




Heartbreaking story. Lover of many. Still an icon. Makes me think whether being Warhol's muse would be detrimental or just amazing.

Some tips for the Sedgwick style:

  • Stripes. Lots of stripes.
  • Dark eye make up
  • Opaque black socks- with everything
  • Shoulder duster earrings
  • Leopard
  • Hats



Good old Kate. Thin. Inventor of the boyish figure as a wow item. Cover of more than 300 magazines.

Some tips for the Moss style:

  • Show some leg.
  • Flashback to the 60s/70s
  • Go black (and never come back)
  • Put some shades on
  • Edgy. Always something new. Something different.
  • Denim on denim on denim on denim
  • Prints. Timeless.
  • Have fun. Be you.



Saved the last spot for my favourite. The "IT" girl. The girl Alex Turner wrote songs for. The girl that makes everyone turn heads because she's doing something brand new, again. The person who made me cut my hair. The inventor of Villoid (which is, like, perfect) and the tomboy style. Has a unique approach for everything, I mean, have you even read IT?  Know about girl power. Isn't afraid of using it.

Some tips for the Chung style (as the way she explained her rules to Grazia):

  • Denim high waisted trousers, as seen in Annie Hall
  • Denim hot pants
  • Navy blue jumper
  • Dungarees (make me sad, since I never found a piece that fit me)
  • Converse shoes (preferably a bit dirty)
  • Follow the Birkin style, "dress like a boy, act like a girl"
  • Her icon is Wednesday Addams. Do you need more?
  • Oversized coats
  • Follow your gut


Always know that you are your own icon. Make it count.

Who are your icons? Let me know!





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