My Little French Getaway

You know how I said it's okay not to be okay? Yeah? Well sometimes in those times,  a friendly, warm welcome from an old friend is all you need. I decided to visit Strasbourg for my reading week to catch up with old friends! EasyJet might've delayed the moment of our reunion but it was one of the best decisions I have made. I love it how it only takes a sincere laugh for two friends to just keep on being like they always used to be, as if they don't live in different countries, which in our case, is me being outre-manche. Here, like I do for all my travels, is my photo diary from my visit to Strasbourg:

The lovely view from the Cathédrale Notre Dame of Strasbourg. The way up was SO exhausting (so many stairs I'm not even kidding), but it was worth it. This view made me feel as if I was living in a Wes Anderson movie and actually expected Fantastic Mr. Fox to pop out of somewhere. Oh and you know the misty parts? That's Germany. Yup. That close.

One of the many amazing tarte-flambées that I've had in Strasbourg. A tarte-flambée is a local dish, just like a pizza but much much lighter and tastier! Usually made with pork sausages (which I don't eat obviously) but the vegetarian options were more than enough and so tasty!

If I could name a colour to be the colour of the city forever, I'd go for orange. All the leaves we're falling and made such a nice view wherever we went. This snap is from the Orangerie park where we cycled for 10 km (and of course I thought I was dying while in traffic with all the muscle burn). Such a nice place for a pique nique or a casual stroll. I could live here.

Another picture from Orangerie, I never thought I would find leaves as red as the Canadian flag. So lovely.

Yet another from Orangerie when we enjoyed hot chocolates to warm up in the cold weather!

Swans from the park. At one point they were racing each other.

Making Turkish dishes because I'm homesick and wanted to abuse my friends kitchen as much as I could since I don't have one. Worth it.

Moi looking at yet another perfect spot in the city.

Can I haz all the chocolate?

Mina on the moon. Literally.

From our very spontaneous travel to Basel, Switzerland. Such a pretty city right on the edge of the country.

We went on a ferris wheel! Didn't feel very safe but totally worth the view. Just look at it. Isn't it just so pretty?

The ferris wheel!

The daisy takes Switzerland. Need I say more?


The Town Hall in central Basel, so nicely protected.

An amazing end to an amazing trip, one of my friends mom making me my favourite veggie dish!

It was such a nice getaway for me, made me actually feel productive and creative again. I actually feel like I'm going through something beautiful trying to express all that's in my mind without the need of recognition. I suggest you do that too!

Much love xx


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