The Art Freak Has Found Her Home

Hello smart girls, smart boys and all those who wish to escape from societies redundant adjectives! You know how your phone gets charged and energised when you plug it?

I get charged and energised by art. Since I am in London, I have decided to go to at least one gallery/museum each week. This week, I went to Tate Modern!

When I see a painting and observe the material and how it's used, the brush strokes and their density, the symbols it has and all the emotion and activism emerging from it: I feel alive.

I love how there are people/artists sketching right from the artwork instead of googling it. They get the actual vibe from it, they see it with all it's flaws that make it perfect.

I love drawing as well but I have never been one of those people who can see something and draw it instantly. For me, it has to come from my imagination.

My mom, adoring an amazing surrealist Dali painting. In his case, nothing is from the actual world but the subconscious world. The symbols are from dreams and traumas and the artwork, as much as it seems like it makes no sense, has a piece that we can relate to from each and every one of ours subconscious minds


Dad, observing the Soviet propaganda posters from the 20th century.

Appreciate nude art instead of sending each other nude snapchats people.

Theatre posters from all over the world.

Amazing set of pictures showing how a person can physically (and mentally) change after joining the army.

The eagles in front of red dots. Now what could that be...?

Pictures taken right after giving birth. As disturbing as it sounds, it's a part of life. And I like it when art portrays moments that would normally not be portrayed.

Enjoy ALL the Matisse!

The other thing I love about museums is that you can get all the artwork on little postcards and keep them in your room as decoration. Forever.

Thanks for reading babes, (next post on the vintage market we went to!)