Vogue Fashion's Night Out LONDON

Who doesn't love Fashion's Night Out? From free champagne to 20% discounts, manicure parties to indie DJ's, Vogue FNO is one of the coolest events to take place in London. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to actually shop through the event and add some key items to my wardrobe. As I was strolling around Regent Street with my fashion partner-in-crime a.k.a. my mom, looking for a cozy but chic winter coat, we happened to go to Liberty; one of the coolest department stores on this side of the globe. We were losing ourselves between vintage Chanel pieces and old gowns when we heard the sound of music.

We went downstairs where Becca Dudley was playing the hottest hits when suddenly, the announcement was made.

Lucinda Chambers, a.k.a. British Vogue Fashion Director who's been working there for the past 30 years, a.k.a. one of the coolest and chicest British icons of all time; was called to speak.

What kind of a coincidence is it, that I just happened to be there?

She talked about the importance of investing in good quality pieces rather than buying lots of cheap clothes that you end up throwing away when the seasons over.

She underlined the fact that you don't necessarily have to buy something because it's "in" at the moment but instead, you should invest in fashionable and trendy pieces that you are comfortable in that will last probably more than your boyfriend.

When she was done, I went near her and asked her if she would care to take a selfie with me (she said yes!) and I actually asked for advice on which colour should I get a cozy winter coat in. She told me, assuming I love the colour blue (which I do) because I was wearing tons of shades, she told me that I should either get a navy one or a key grey one. I thanked her and wished her a nice evening!

This was a really remarkable event for me since she is one of the people that I look up to in the fashion industry, and I sure won't forget her advice on forming my wardrobe.

After talking to her, I listened to her advice and got myself the cutest dark grey coat. I sure will be remembering Ms. Chambers when I wear it during London's winter!

Here are some pictures from the event:

(She has a black eye because of an accident :( )

That's all for today fashion bugs,

See you tomorrow,

MT xx

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