Short Hair Don't Care // Margot Tennenbaum Hair

20150827-IMG_3720 20150827-IMG_3721 20150827-IMG_3724 20150827-IMG_3745 After a long personal debate, bugging close friends and family members and countless hours of staring at myself in the mirror, I finally found the much needed courage in me and cut my hair. It always takes a lot for my hair to grow back and this has always frustrated me over the years, however this time I've decided to enjoy the process and am already thinking of going shorter.

Styling: I actually have Cleopatra-straight hair so even if I don't do anything, it will still be straight. But just to be sure, I straighten it so that the ends don't have that weird curl. I am also planning on using my favourite hair product, Bumble & Bumble Sea Salt Spray (will compare it to Tony & Guy's Sea Salt Spray in another post) on my hair so that it has that beachy// messed up by the wind kind of look.

I must say, I'm lovin' it. No more tangled locks, parts burnt by bleaching (I tried lilac.. okay?) or the feeling of suffocation while sleeping. If you're bugging yourself and asking what if?, just go to the saloon and do it. Sometimes in order to get away from all the negativity and to get that feeling of change that you crave when everything is just so monotonous, cutting your hair is pretty much the solution. It always makes me feel very fresh and sophisticated.

Another pro is that I won't have to spend hours trying to dry my hair in order not to get sick during winter in London.

Before leaving my post to your hands, I would like to share my ultimate hair goals/inspiration Margot Tennenbaum (played by Gwyneth Paltrow in The Royal Tennenbaums). My hair isn't that light (might be one day) but I believe that I'm one step closer to this other MT.