Sarah Jessica Parker a.k.a. Bradshaw Babe

6a00d83451587269e200e54f1a23fb8833-800wi With her over-the-knee skirts, Manolo Blahnik studs, crop tops, trench coats, long fluffy dresses, duffle bags, cosmopolitans, passion for shoes, amazing ability to analyse, adventures with the lovely Mr. Big and the stunning column; Carrie Bradshaw has always been and will always be my one and only idol. Not only she is fabulous, she is also really smart. I'd pretty much do anything to walk down the streets of New York with Carrie Bradshaw talking about Mr.Big or Aiden "Smoking Hot" Shaw with our fabulous outfits with Fendi purses and D&G shoes. Even though Miss Carrie Bradshaw isn't real, I still very strongly believe that she is one of the most stunning style icons of all times. Every time I watch an episode of Sex and the City, I find myself planning how my life would be if I were Carrie Bradshaw. And I really wonder if, a diva even without the character, the wonderful Sarah Jessica Parker ever wishes she was Carrie. The bad news is she never actually will be Carrie Bradshaw even though I personally would still be fan-girling if she wasn't Sarah and was Carrie. The good news is she's going to be teaming up with the Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus to work on a new collection of shoes, bags and trench coats. Sarah Jessica Parker said that in a silly way, she thought, Carrie Bradshaw would be proud. I, personally, am very eager to see if the actresses style is compatible with Carrie Bradshaw's. Because honestly, Manolo Blahnik or Dolce, New York City or Ohio, Mr.Big or Matthew Broderick and Carrie Bradshaw or Sarah Jessica Parker; it doesn't really matter because at the end of the day they're both fabulous. And I must say, if I were to have a secret-girl-crush; it would totally be on her!

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