Indonesia Photo Diary

If anyone ever actually enters this blog/ or my instagram, they might be asking "yeah but what is she actually doing in Indonesia other than eating delicious vegan food and taking selfies with monkeys" if so, here is you answer: These cutie pies captured my attention while we were on a "typical Bali house tour", I'm guessing they were the neighbors. They immediately smiled and posed for me. So sweet and sincere.

Vegan (I'm assuming) Balinese Cat munching on rice rolls, belongs to the owners of the house.

Me posing awkwardly while watching the all healing water in Gunung Kawi, Ubud

Hindu families come to this temple and swim in the water while praying, it is believed that the water has a spiritual and phsiycal healing effect.

Son of a wood carver in a Wood Carving Shop we visited. He was so sweet and cuddly and went all posey for my camera.

Luwak Coffee! Aka coffee kinda made out of marten feces... No not entirely. The marten eats the coffee beans and it gets fermented in its stomach. Then they wash its feces with warm water and get the fresh seeds out. It tastes strong and not really my cup of coffee. Literally. However I didn't want to say that I've been to Indonesia and didn't drink marten shit coffee Luwak coffee.

My monkey baby and me fighting for the last banana.

"Did you eat all the bananas again Mina?"

Indonesian Beverage Tasting! Coconut coffee, natural cocoa, rose tea, ginger tea, ginseng coffee etc. I loved the coconut coffee. I love anything coconut.

First time trying a durian!!!

Smell: Yeah it smells kind of funny, like onions maybe. Actually, worse.


Oh and finally, the ocean is amazing.