On the way to the fruity heaven: BALI


1st of July, 21.21: Up in the air, on our way to Doha, Qatar. Has been a nice trip except for the fact that the company forgot to prepare me a vegan meal so I had to wait while snacking(!) on a breadloaf, onions and tomatoes while the kind but lightheaded host managed to confirm to me that the vegetarian vegetable plate was vegan, though I'm quite convinced that there was butter on the potatoes. Tried to drink as much water as I could, but really craving a green juice at the moment, though doubting that I'll find any in the Doha Airport (where we will wait for 4 hours, gulp.) I miss my blender.

23.33: Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar. I love airports. So much. But I'm also very judgemental about them that I can quite easily list you 10 that I hate. However, HIA is pretty well and gosh, eating actual food felt quite good, the arabic cuisine is like a vegan paradise. Just sucks that we still have to wait for anotjer 3 hours till we board our plane(... And the flight duration is 10 hours.) However this time I bought some cashew nuts in case of another "sorry m'am we only have beef available". I love food. Food is important.

+ the pulpy aloe vera mango green juice is just heaven on earth.

22.05: W Hotels Seminyak, Bali. Indonesia. We have finally made it here, very exhausted but happy. Still haven't gotten to see the paradise in daylight but just the seafood restaurant Starfish Bloo having a vegan menu with Go Veggie! written on it gave me an amazing feeling. I had rice noodles with shiitaki mushrooms, the only thing is that I totally hate lemongrass and its kind of like the base for any Asian cuisine. Oh by the way, papaya juice is god.