How I Survived On Holiday

  One of my biggest fears after going vegan was surviving on holidays. I feared that all the animal product based food people around me will be eating would maybe trigger me into doing something I would regret later. And also I feared that I'd find nothing to eat while eating out. We went to our summer house with my best friends and had the opportunity to stock food to fuel us during our stay. However most of the time, except for breakfast, we were eating out.

  • Breakfast: I usually ate oats with bananas (my addiction), topped with almonds and figs and rice milk, of course. So I'd say stock up on fruits and nuts that you can have for breakkie and for snacking.
  • Lunch: Lunch was a bit tricky because we ate at the beach clubs we went that day and not a lot restaurants in my region have vegan/vegetarian options, actually, none. However, most kitchens were kind enough to make arrangements for me. I usually had extremely delicious veggie wraps or salads with vegetables (without the feta cheese please thank you.) If I was still hungry, I had fruit. As always.
  • Dinner: For dinner, I was able to find something for my taste and diet, because of the traditional love for veggies. I usually had veggie caserolls, or cold veggie dishes. 

I must say, this was a true challenge for me and I did it. Eating vegan feels so good that I didn't even crave a single food.

It feels so good to eat food that is good for me, the earth and its earthlings. 

I must say, I was never more sure.