Vegan on the moon?

  Almost about a month ago, I made a decision which was a big step for me, and in general, also big for mankind. I have decided to try a 1 Week Vegan Challenge, and on the 8th day, I knew I wasn't going to stop. Unlike what I expected, it wasn't tough at all. I had and have the opportunity to enjoy everything I've enjoyed until this time in my life, in a cruelty-free way. I had the idea that it was going to limit me from feeling the sense of hunger that I wholeheartedly enjoyed, but on the contrary, switching to veganism made me feel fuller than ever without the awful feeling of being bloated. My vegan diet has completely taken away my heartburns that I used to get after a greasy meal (mostly caused by meat dishes), and now I can get off the table with a full stomach and never need to lie down even a little bit.

I know and embrace my reasons of going vegan, however I would like to share:

  • Health

My body hasn't been the same since a couple of months. I had started to gain weight and I haven't been feeling comfortable in my own skin. I've tried lots and lots of things, including my mothers dietician, restricting, high protein diets etc. and I must say, none worked. By worked I'm not only saying that it didn't make me lose weight, but also didn't make me feel good; since that is and should be the main goal of any diet. I used to be very lazy and tended not even to get out of bed during daytime, so hitting the gym wasn't even a question. Even though my gym was right down the block and even though I live 10 minutes to the seaside (for a nice long evening run..), I never used to find energy for those things. Ever.

However, since going vegan, I must say that I've went to the gym more times than the rest of this year. I've been able to get up at 7 am in the morning to go for a run with my dad, and since I am normally very fond of my sleep time, that is good news for me. I now find the energy to actually get up and do stuff. I've started to train with weights and body-wise am feeling so much better and can't remember when was the last time I've felt this way.

Another topic that goes through everyones mind when they hear the word vegan is the issue of losing weight. I haven't dramatically lost weight but lost about 1.5-2.00 kilos. My main objective isn't losing weight, however I believe that as I've been eating lean and starchy foods most of the time, I will be seeing more changes with time.

  • Animal Cruelty

Last year, after watching Earthlings and crying over it, I failed miserably as a vegetarian after only 3 days. However I don't blame that version of "me" because obviously I needed more time to get into this mindset that I have now and that I needed to grow up a little bit more. I watched Paul McCartney's If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls101 Reasons To Go Vegan and so many more related videos and when they were over, I was left with tears in my eyes and frustration in my body. I didn't know what to do or how not to contribute to these awful industries that produce our "food". I don't believe that we have the right to end any creatures life for the sake of our tummies' pleasure and yet we do it every second and in the most cruel way possible. Who are we to decide when an animal meets death? Who are we to brutally murder them? Who are we to contribute to that industry with every bite and yet sleep with a clear consciousness at night?

I most certainly wasn't okay with this.

I don't want to eat flesh. I don't want to drink the milk of a cow who was raped for it and torn away from her baby. I don't want to eat hen period.

I have decided to do this as long as it takes for people around me and around the world to understand what we are really fighting for.

Because every creature should have the right to decide it's own fate, including animals.