Let's Pretend To Be In An Indie Movie

Hey you. Welcome back 2 my blog.

I have my days when I feel like I'm in an indie movie. I have them so often that I made a playlist for it.

I hereby share with you my Let's Pretend To Be In An Indie Movie playlist for those of you who still believe in punk. Go ahead. Feel something.


Is punk dead?

I mean it is quite painful to see Chris Brown in a leather jacket with spikes or Fergie to combine a Ramones tee with a kimono, but what happened to real punk? Is it still here or do we just see the painful leftovers in the "punks" of Camden Lock charging tourists money for a picture? Is this your anarchy?

It is totally normal for someone to have a varying music taste. To be honest, exactly 24 hours before this post I was jamming to High School Musical while waiting for my face mask to dry- not the one to judge. I love anything from Blues to occasional dubstep. But punk always gives me that feel ya know.

But does anyone listen to actual music anymore? Yes, Drake drops a new single to be played at clubs like every month (and I do occasionally love them), but they seem to last only a couple of months until everyone gets sick of the same beat and overly auto-tuned voice over and over again.

What happened to the sort of music that made you feel like a wild rebellious indie character with smudged black eyeliner, short bangs and a bob, about to sneak out through the window of your smoke stained room covered in paint, Jurassic Park posters and full of creativity?

Today, we hopped on our DeLorean and went back to 1995.

It felt weird to be touching CDs and records after being so used to Spotify for so long. I do remember, from my childhood, how excited I would get to unpack a new CD, download it to my ipod and listen to it over and over again for weeks.

So go ahead, listen.

I will see you next time.




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