Autumnal Life Update + More To Come


Bonsoir, my fellow readers On The Moon!

Your favourite brunette is back.


It's the most wonderful time of the year, they say. Behind in two weeks worth of lectures, essays and a gym that probably misses me; I am quite unsure as to the extent that I agree with that statement. I know that I have deserted my beloved blog, and haven't been posting the world through my lens. So dear readers, I apologise! I have been very busy trying to figure myself out as well as catch up with schoolwork, but I intend to get back on track and post at least twice a week again. So let us catch up!



You may have noticed I am quite far from being a fashion blog lately, I believe that there is so much more to capture in the world that it can not be limited to cashmere sweaters and shirts (although they do make me extremely happy). The world is too much of a pretty place to not capture and the faces of London too interesting to pass by without observation. I have decided to integrate more of my photography here. Since this blog is a platform for me to project my voice, might as well complete the experience with the world through my lens.



Spiritually I'm in a much better place than last year, I am in better touch with my inner self and I don't lock my feelings up anymore. I don't keep my thoughts shut indoors, I don't binge anymore and I am for once actually enjoying London. I am letting the creativity flow and I am making more art. Speaking of art, I want to make this blog also a platform where I can share my art. I've always been fairly cautious with sharing what I draw, mostly because I feared what other people might think. But if it represents my soul and the things that are going through my head, why not post it? This blog has always been a source of happiness for me, and I won't let any possible judgemental comment take that away from me. On another note, also thinking on making a proper youtube channel (I just got a Master Yoda alarm clock & want to make everyone jealous).


Since I came back from Istanbul, London's absolutely freezing and though I basically walk around like a potato, wearing 5 layers, I'm still cold. But this year, I'm remembering all the things I was saying about hating the heat during summer, so I'm not going to go into that "wanting whatever you don't have" stage again (more on that later). I'm just going to enjoy the festive season and winter (and will hopefully get some snow when I go back home- yes, it does snow in Istanbul).

(Oh by the way, this is Emma, my model/photographer for the day.)


Today has made me realise how bad I've missed my camera, so from now on I've decided to literally walk around with my baby(or even my analog occasionally); wherever I go & whoever I have with me, I will shoot something. Even the leaves in a random street look like art, but only if you look up. I've decided to give the world a chance.


Now you, yes; you.

If you have creativity in you, let it flow. If you have inspiration, start writing. Take that pencil and start drawing. Screw what others might think. Make art and make it for yourself. Be nice to everyone even if they're being mean. Always remember, you're more than that.

I need to get back to my essay now, but it's been great catching up.

Thanks for reading & love you

Mina On The Moon