Autumn: The Season of "Me"

September ended and they woke me up.

The leaves fell, the clouds came out, the blue of the sky darkened by a few shades and maybe the wind broke a couple of things. I've always felt like autumn is the season of change. Maybe you move to a different country, start liking something you though you hated. You meet new people and give them new chances while a close friend doesn't even remember your birthday. It is the season of growing up, getting yourself together, and living with it.

Autumn is the season I associate most with self discovery. Or re-discovery, I guess. It's the time where you suddenly realise how out of touch you've become with your own "self", constantly trying to please others , walking on your tiptoes trying not to break anyone while barely even considering yourself. It is the season of rebirth, realignment and fucking thinking of yourself first for a change. It is the season of sheltering your emotions, giving them love and projecting them towards yourself. Screw others, you come first.

I come first.

For me, it's the season of going back to your own roots. Brunettes have always had more fun anyways. It's the season of layers, both physically and mentally. Physically, with a comfy tee, a cashmere sweater and a fluffy coat. Mentally, with a good consideration session of what I want, what I feel and what I need.  The latter being the number one priority.

It's the season of shutting out the negativity, doing what you want without feeling judged and being positive towards others. It is the season of not airbrushing a zit on your pictures. It is the season of asking strangers their favourite colours, walking up to them and smiling, remembering how everyone you currently love was once just a stranger in a dark corner of an art gallery.

It is the season of seeing colour, even in the darkest of places. The season of looking up for once, in the street you walk through everyday (and actually observe these houses).

The season of blogging, hopefully, and finding motivation even when you can't cope with the basics of life. It's the season of expressing yourself and finding relief in art, your art, trying to decode the darkest parts of your subconscious.

It's the season of tea. Good tea. Good books. Good conversations. Good jokes to steam your glasses from laughing too hard. Maybe some honey to soothe your inevitable sore throat.

It's the season of being "me" again. Just "me".


Mina On The Moon