The Slip Dress: Two Ways To Style It


I am perfectly aware that I am wearing something that can be categorised as lingerie, yet I have no regrets. You can't really wear tight clothes in the heat of the summer, can you?

To be honest, I value my comfort over anything else these days and I believe that comfort and chicness are both equally essential while purchasing an item.

There are many slip dresses around (and they don't cost a fortune). I think it's a key piece that we all need this summer.

I wanted to style "The Slip Dress", one of the many 90s trends making a comeback, in a simple and everyday kinda way.

There are two ways to nail it.

Over A White Tee

I love wearing dresses with t-shirts. It makes them look so effortless and undone yet cool in a relaxed way.

On It's Own

Somedays you just want to look like you're Carrie Bradshaw on New Years Eve, leaving the house with nothing but a slip dress and a fur coat, and there's nothing wrong with that.

How do you style your slip dress?


Mina On The Moon