My lil' Greek Getaway

Ello! I feel like I constantly talk about the weather in my blog, so for today I'd like to focus on colours: blue in particular.

As a twist to the first part of my summer holiday, we crossed over to Megisti for a day since it's very close to my summerhouse. As always with Greece, one of my all time favourite countries, I loved it.

wearing: Seafolly bikini 

I feel like one colour to symbolise Greece would be blue. Blue, for me, is the colour of summer. The colour you see as you jump into the sea for the first time. It's the colour of the sky as you look up, no matter what time of the day.

Orange, yellow, or however you put it- symbolises the sun and the sunshine that I had missed so much. Oh, and this sweet lil' Greek kitty.

Black and white always give me a nostalgic feeling. I've been to this heavenly island so many times yet I always discover something new. Be a small side street or a cozy bakery, I'm up for it.

Pink, for me is energy. As most of the Mediterranean, this island is also covered in bougainvillea. They give me such a fresh feeling as they blossom and enter a new era.

wearing: Oysho swimsuit

White by itself is the feeling of freshness. Feeling light, serene and free.

Green is the sensation of the wind in your ear. The sound of the trees you pass by. The flowers that greet you. Take a deep breath.

Blue, I said. Planet earth is blue.

I wish to travel all around the world. Anywhere and everywhere to complete our lil' blue planet earth. The one and only goal I have. To be everywhere and to leave my mark. Until the moon.




*photography by Yesim Akcay