Summer Packing Tips for the Travelers of the World

Ah, packing. Some, like myself, have an inexplicable love for it. It gives me joy to think about "the essentials"; the things I'd take with me if I were to escape (even if only for a week). Though it has only been around 2 weeks since I came home, it's too hot for me to stay here at the moment. I need to be in the sea. Underwater. With the fish.

Yet here I am, writing about packing instead of actually packing. Oh well, here it goes...

  • Let's Go

As a person who travels quite a lot- compared to my peers at least- I'm always packing for something. I know I'm not the best, and most of the time I exceed the weight limit. One day I hope to become a minimal packer but until that day, sitting on the suitcase does the deed.

  • Music

The excitement is mostly due to my extremely awesome playlist that I've been mastering while packing as well. Do you need to pack as well? Well, here you go then:

  • The Basics

My default colours are black, white and grey. Since they go well with almost everything, having your basic pieces in such neutral colours will boost your holiday wardrobe. ( I mean that's if you care too much, since personally, I'm usually more bothered about what to eat shh.)

  • Comfort

Well, who wants high heels and uncomfortably tight clothes when on holiday? Get some comfy cozy tees that won't irritate that sunburn.

  • Spice It Up

Basic and minimalist all the way, but sometimes we all need some funky pieces in case we start having too much fun.

  • Swimwear

I'm no Gigi Hadid, but I can still rock edgy pieces. The only issue is that you need to be careful about what style you burn in, because the shapes will be with you for the rest of the summer.

  • The Essentials

A good book, a camera, vitamins and a hat. Call me a grandma, but we all need these.

  • Sunnies

Aren't we all sick of seeing the same pair everywhere? Grow out of that basic tortoiseshell and grab a signature piece this summer. Or two.

  • Make Up

Just because it's too hot doesn't mean you can't look fabulous. But instead of packing a bag full of make up that you won't use, just grab these essentials:


-A simple shade of eyeshadow

-Nude lip liner

-Several nude lipsticks

-Brow fixer

(-Powder/Concealer in case of an emergency zit)

  • Something To Miss

This lil' kitty kat doesn't want me to leave.

That's all for Packing With Mina, now I need to go and actually pack. Thanks for reading and make sure you sign up,

Au revoir,



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