London Made Me Embrace My Roots


Hello people of the Moon, I am currently sitting in my room, which is looking kind of as dull as it was in the beginning of the year without my art postcards or fairy lights; surrounded by suitcases and cardboard boxes, ready to move into our new house (and go home.)

I have no clue how this year passed so quickly, it seems like yesterday when I was running around London covered in scarves and five layers (well, it still gets pretty chilly though it's June...) and now I'm almost ready to go home.

All I want to do for a couple of months (or forever) is swim, scuba dive, exercise and make food. Yummy food. I can even say that I've missed the Turkish cuisine. I've missed the Turkish culture. The homesickness has hit pretty hard.

I have always been someone that wasn't really connected to her origins. I never fully culturally identified as being "Turkish". Didn't even drink from the traditional tea cups. Never really watched any Turkish series or listened to Turkish music. I know, I'm not your regular "komşu" next door, but living in London for almost a year made me appreciate my roots and culture more.

How obnoxious was I to not value my amazing hometown that has such an interesting history, right between two continents, home to many cultures and ethnicities? Where else can you cross from Europe to Asia, on a ferry in 20 minutes while sipping on your yummy Turkish tea, with an amazing view of all historical sites?

I want to wake up, open my curtains and see the sea, and maybe some islands. Get out there and enjoy my hometown and experience the culture to the fullest.

I want to feel the sun on my skin as I gaze towards Greece on a boat.

I want to see turtles and Mediterranean fish while I make my way through the sacred underwater world.

I just want to be home, if you know what I mean.

Only 10 more days.


Homesickness to the side, I am also very grateful for my days here. I have met some amazing people and I'm very excited to spend many more years with them. Here are some pics from a calm sunset in Primrose Hill:

IMG_2709 IMG_2721 IMG_2725 IMG_2720 IMG_2719 IMG_2707 IMG_2706

Photos: Megan Burberry (cheers babe)


Thank you for reading. If anyone is sharing my thoughts please let me know!

"Biraz deniz, biraz uyku."