That's So Mina!

Hello readers on la luna! I am writing to you from a rainy and cold London, drowning in my sorrows due to the fact that most my friends are back in Istanbul, my home town, enjoying the sun and the dear sea I've missed seeing from my window every morning. Instead, it's exam time in London so my days basically consist of eating, studying, Netlflix and sleep. A lot of it. And of course, procrastination, my old friend.

My kind of procrastination includes rewatching an entire season of Sex and the City or applying a full face make up (like tape for eyeliner kind of make up- serious shit I'm talking about). Trust me, it's fun.

Though I'm longing for summer (I know, you've heard it enough), I am also enjoying my last month of rain until September. Since cold weather gives me more opportunities to fully express my style and layer, I am enjoying the final opportunities to wear cozy jumpers and read with the sound of rain coming from my window. I know- there are websites for artificial rain sounds but none is better than the smell afterwards.

Expressing my style, I had said. I always thought of myself as the non-pink kind of girl. I'd never wear pink lipstick or even look at pink clothes. You know how toddlers go through a pink phase? Well, I'm going through it at 19 and I don't think it's going to fade away soon. Obviously, I am still all for all things simple and my key pieces will always be black, white, grey and khaki but I feel like there's nothing wrong with spicing things up with some baby pink or red. Red is always my fave.

Pro exclusive details: I was actually going to be sitting down for this shot but didn't realise it was muddy and kind of stained my bag. Oh the things I do for this blog..

My title was picked by my friend, because she thought my jumper was "so 90s!" and therefore, "So Raven!". What can I say... Though I was technically still an annoying little toddler when the millenniums hit, I can't deny the fact that I love the 90s style. That's why I'm dressed as a giant piece of candy floss today.

I will be writing about my hair struggles sometime, since, as you know I'm kind of a go hard or go home kind of gal. Meaning, I either (try to) go super long and when I feel like I can't take the awkward length anymore, just chop it all off and go for a super short bob. Not that I don't love the bob, but I think it's time I finally make the long hair happen.



That's all for today, or in the words of "That's So Mina": Yep, that's me!

See you (or write to you?) awesome people soon. Tune in for more posts and videos to come.



Mina On The Moon