Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner


As the London weather somehow managed to win my heart these days, though it's raining at the moment, my hope and longing for summer is stronger than ever. With the pop culture movements meant to empower us, women, emerging by the second with strong figures such as Beyonce (with Lemonade), it made me think about my favourite phrase that somehow has a similar vibe to all this, well, for me anyways:



"Nobody puts baby in the corner."


That is my favourite sentence from one of my favourite movies of course, Dirty Dancing.

For me this season baby here means two things: Empowering myself and never letting anyone crush me in any case, and of course my new obsession: baby pink!


Now you might be thinking, what the hell is she talking about? But I believe that that should be everyones approach towards life, and especially towards other people. Don't let anyone put you in the corner.

I dedicate this post to empowering yourself and overcoming any situation with a teaspoon of confidence, a dash of Chanel and of course, some baby pink!


I don't mean this in an extreme "I woke up flawless" kind of way. Of course everyone has flaws, but being aware of your flaws and other people pointing it out are different things. Know yourself and accept yourself as you are, but don't let anyone put you in the corner because of your flaws.


My new baby pink Kanken is my new joy and companion during revision. Obsessed. Need them all.


I never used to like pink. Now I need to touch every single baby pink item to be able to get out of a store. It's just too cute.


Embrace yourself as you are and never let anyone put you in the corner.




Mina On The Moon