Let's Talk Nails!

Hello hello! I've always liked trying new things but if it's nail related, I always end up damaging my nails. Remember the time I got Kylie nails? Well, I did it again. So in this post I want to write about 2 things I tried and what I stuck with in the end. Happy reading!

(The pictures don't represent the reviews, just my current happy nails!)


  • Review: Gel extensions

I never learn, do I? After my Kylie extension drama, I was like "HELL NO" though my post suggests otherwise. However, during an unconfident moment of weakness, I headed to a nail salon in Soho and questioned life while a small Chinese man glued plastic over my actual nails. What was I thinking? Result: They looked glamorous. But didn't feel easy at all. I thought I'd get used to them but I couldn't even put my contacts in properly without scratching my eyes. Proper BB cream application became a dream. Then I though, fuck this! I wasn't going to suffer for beauty any longer. I'm not the sort of person to stand heels just because they look pretty, and I wasn't going to do that for my nails either. So I went into a salon in Australia and got them taken off, but then... I got introduced to something new...

  • Review: SNS Nails

My lovely cousin introduced me to SNS, she is the success story for this: She's grown her nails (her own nails!) the Kylie length just by using SNS. It's a powder application system, they put a gel on your nails, dip it into powder and file. They look and stay pretty until you get them done again. They were the strongest nails I've ever had in my entire life. Until... I took them off. I couldn't get them done again in London because apparently SNS is not that much of a big deal in the UK as it is in Australia. It took my manicurist so long to take them off and the result: I had the weakest nails ever. I probably would have been able to become a success story myself if there were salons that offered SNS near me (and not in Wembley) but for now, I let it go.

  • Verdict: Real nails for the win!

I have decided to properly look after my nails and from now on, nothing chemical (except for a normal polish of course!). Nothing beats nice natural nails. And I will value comfort and simplicity over "beauty"


Thats all for today, how do you like your nails?




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