Cruelty Free Comfort Is Possible

Hello dear readers On the Moon! During my short stay in Istanbul, my hometown, I had the opportunity to go around and explore my favourite parts of the city. I was introduced to these wonderful pairs of shoes from Natural World Eco TR, which are completely vegan, cruelty free and only based on natural ingredients. They are also healthy and wash-friendly and I had so much fun shooting with them.

And the biggest plus: they come in almost all colours and have various styles. So move over Toms, there's a new pair in town.


They're hella comfortable and top secret: THEY SMELL LIKE STRAWBERRIES.

I mean who wouldn't want colourful, wonderful-smelling, comfortable, cruelty free shoes? I mean, I can't wait to stroll around London with my new fave pairs.

They go well with any colour and can easily add a twist to your casual outfits.

This pose ended up with my new white jeans getting really, really dirty but hell yeah the flower child may get dirty, right?

Khaki is one of my new favourite colours and I can basically wear it all day every day. This comfy khaki pair goes really well with my outfit (modest, eh?).

Details details... I have always been cautious when it comes to buying cruelty free, I've been vegetarian for almost a year now and do not want to cause any harm by buying items harmful to the environment and the animals. These are vegan and cruelty free, hell to the yeah.

Long story short, I am in love with my new shoes (even my mum and dad have them). They honour my values since they're ethical, ecological, healthy and vegan and I would recommend them to everyone.

They can be bought here in Istanbul and here internationally.

Trust me onthemooners, you won't be disappointed.





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