Back to the 18th Century

Hello dear readers! Today, we visited Captain Cook's Cottage in the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne and got to dress up as 18th century Australians. Captain Cook was the englishman who discovered Australia and his cottage is actually preserved and turned into a museum.

We had a lot of fun getting dressed. I think it was pretty amazing and thought I'd share it with ya.

The lady was pretty concerned about the way I wore the top over the shoulder since it wasn't acceptable to "show that much skin", oh well, I guess I'd be the slut of the house.

   I really wanted to steal all of them.

 Look to the side and pose like a princess (or a pirate yarrrr).

   The braids gave me an afro that I really don't want to picture. It's like Carrie Bradsaw meets Professor Trelawney.

 I call this one Mina the Witch (Bitch) of the Moon.

  Here's my papa accompanying me through the gardens.

I really would want to post the brands of the clothes but.. You know, not possible. Tell me what you think babes!

Mina On La Luna!