A Fashionista's Guide to Sickness in Style

It's cold. It's this weird time of the year when you're not sure if it's still winter or spring, slowly dragging the long-lost sun back. Either case, no matter how healthy you are, you'll probably get sick and be snotty with a Rudolph nose, like I am. However, in todays article I want to show you how to be sick with style. (Disclaimer: I am completely sarcastic and actually wearing tracksuit bottoms) 

So you're sick? Oh no!

First thing is to make sure that you keep up with the current trends and have something to read when you're in bed all day, sippin' on some green tea.

Fruits. Need I say more?

Fruits give you the essential vitamins you need to be energetic and get back on track on the health game. Screw those who say fruit makes you fat. As a wise woman once said, go fruit yourself.

Nutrients. Yep, you need them.

A mood-boosting energising smoothie can protect you from the bacteria and honestly tastes amazing. My favourite one is the self-made vegan chocolate milk= 2 Dates + 2 Bananas + Skin Food + Pea Protein + Raw Cocoa.

Juice is love. If it has kale in it, I'm down. Bananas? All in.

I love Planet Organic juices and obviously as their favourite customer, I try to get a different one everytime I go.


Leave the flats for spring. Put your trainers on. Wear a huge scarf. Who cares? You're sick  in style.

Shut the world out.

Put your sunglasses on. No one has to see your sleep-deprived eyes. Let them question if you're hungover or just tired.


Make friends.

If your friends don't want to hang out with you because you're snotty, make new ones. Meet my new friend Donald. He's kind of annoying.

And finally, your saviour: Tea.

Have as much tea as you can. Soothe your throat.

Stay away from the Jaeger (because it won't make it better).

Much love and get well soon,


Mina On The Moon