Longing for Spring Style: Can February March?

No, but April May!  

Dear residents of the Moon,

If you know me well, prepare to be shocked. All my life, I went around claiming that I was a winter person. I would "ugh" at people wanting to sunbathe, and "meh" at people longing for flip flops. I was dead certain that my preferences, being long boots, coats and the rain, would never change. I don't know if it's because of moving to London or finally enjoying spring/summer fruits and vegetables fully for the first time last summer, I am craving spring.

I want it to be warm again. I want to wear shorts and sandals. I want to feel the sun on my skin. I want my hair to get lighter and my skin to get darker.

As a big plot twist in London, it was actually very sunny yesterday and I wore sunglasses for the first time in what felt like forever. So, today, as we entered March, I wanted to put together my very first spring outfit (and got caught in the rain).

Warning: Don't try this at home (if home is less than 20 degrees) or you can get sicker than you actually are like me (yup, it's a night of green tea and slippers for me, oh the things I do for this blog..)

My favourite Spring/Summer item has always been the denim jacket. I love how they can make any smart outfit smart-cas and comfortable enough for daily wear.

I just want it to be warm enough that a denim jacket would be sufficient to keep me from having a(nother) cold.

I love headbands. Who doesn't love headbands? Headbands protect your scalp from the sun, and in the case of London, they keep wind away from your hair.

I find it perfectly acceptable to subtly introduce spring elements to my daily-wear in order to make the change from winter to spring (or a less cold winter).

Keep in mind (and on your head), florals and bright colours are in!

I think you know by now that I'm a huge trainer geek. I live by trainers and that's another aspect as to why I now find winter very depressing.

Of course, I like flats and heels as well, but on days where I value comfort and want to rock an effortless style, I put trainers on. Trainers never fail you so do it the Harper and Harley way.

I combined them with black comfy trousers. Skinny jeans are out.

Spring (and fall, to some extent) gives us such unique style opportunities. It still allows us to dress up, but not in so many layers. Layering is very important in places like London, where the weather changes every two hours.

I'm hoping that I will get the weather I want next month when I'm Down Under (and possibly in London). It is true that we should value every season. But sometimes all I want is watching the sunset and smelling the flowers without the possibility of getting wet every five minutes.

Here's the complete look for today.


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