Why It's Totally Okay To Be Single


So it's Valentines Day, you're on snapchat, scrolling through your friends stories full of roses, hearts and smiles. So you think, "Why am I single? Don't I deserve this?" Let me just stop you for a minute: There is nothing wrong with being single. You can just as well do anything you want, not for a significant other, but for yourself.

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Go buy yourself flowers, treat yourself to a spa weekend, go to the movies (yes, alone!) and just do whatever all those couples that you're envious of are doing.

Make sure you embrace the power of Galentines, and hang out with your girlfriends for a more fun (and probably less awkward) day.

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We don't need other people to survive. We don't need anyone else to love us in order to have self confidence. The most important thing is to love and accept ourselves with any possible flaw.

Don't wait for someone to come and boost your ego. Don't let anybodies opinion or rejection let you down.

If you love yourself enough, you won't be affected by what anyone else thinks.

You are yourself, you are you and you are full.

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Don't associate red with love. Red is the colour of passion, but you can also be passionate about yourself.

Master the art of self-love and confidence before looking for someone else to do it for you.

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I chose a red shoot for this post, because red is a happy colour; and that's what single people should be like.

Embrace your personality, love it more than anybody could ever do so. Always know that you can't love someone else before loving yourself.

Much love, for me and you;



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