Simplicity: The Turtleneck

It's cold. It's early. And you don't want to leave your bed let alone your room. It would be quite good to just stay in bed, have some cereal and watch Netflix all day. Perfection. But the day awaits, so you get up. Now you have to get dressed, quick, find the easiest thing to wear! But it has to keep you warm as well! So you reach to the one item that qualifies with a twist of cashmere: The Turtleneck.

It's so easy for the days where you just don't give a single f*ck. And honestly, anything less warm would look absurd. I don't get it when people go out in thin layers to look "stylish". I think dressing according to the season is very important and you won't look stylish if you're shivering.

Go find your essential turtleneck and never let it go.

Today, for this look, I combined my jumper with sunglasses (because the wind just kills my eyes) and a grey coat I found deep down in my closet.

And of course when it rains, I won't choose anything other than Docs with thermal tights.

As I said, comfort is crucial for style.





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