In 'n' Out

Like every single January we're "Out with the old and in with the new". The weather gets colder, snow starts falling and some trends fail to keep their popularity as the 15 changes into 16. I looked through Vogue UK's IN/OUT list and wanted to talk about the ones I agree with. Yes, I don't agree with everything in their list, for a change- especially the seaweed bath.. (really?)



  • OUT: Laziness
  • IN: Fitness

2016 is not the year of hangovers, Uber's and junk food. We leave the lazy girl munching on a processed candy bar in 2015 and jog towards a year full of green juice. (Good news: You don't feel the kale if you get it mixed with enough berries).

This will be a year full of productivity, health and fitness. If me, a person who doesn't simply leave the bed until the very last point, can get up at 7 and go to spinning; you can accomplish anything.


  • OUT: The Seventies Look
  • IN: Effortless

You know how I said the 70s aren't going anywhere soon? Well I was wrong. They did make a brief appearance for two whole seasons and made us wear denim, florals, velvet and more denim, but unfortunately, they're going back where they belong to my mothers photo album from Melbourne in the seventies.

Now it's all about the effortless-chic with


  • OUT: The "go with the flow"
  • IN: Organisation

Yeah, it's cool to look as if you've got everything under control. But we know that in reality you're angry for not having bought that FiloFax. I personally can't live without my Moleskin. If I don't write something down, I don't do it.

2016 will be the year where I get everything organised. It will last after January as well.


  • OUT: The "bare face"
  • IN: The Bold Eye

Yeah yeah, nude is cool. But why not express your feelings with a dash of smokey black? I'm happy that finally I have to learn how to use my Urban Decay palette.


Personally, I don't think you should follow something because it's a "trend", but it's good to have some inspiration.

PS: I think I now have a pattern. Can't write without listening to Lorde.






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