Camden Sunday Funday

Hello, you lovely lot! Ever since I officially moved to London, I've been telling myself to go out every single weekend to explore places I've never been (or only been once) to broaden da horizon and actually get to know my city- because apparently it's more than just Big Ben and the London Eye.

Today, and of course for the rest of my explorations, I have Miss Megan "Megz" Awesomepants with me to munch on all the veggie goodness and go through all the hipster markets!

Even though the other one sounds way more official, ("Camden Town Market"), this one, Camden Lock Market, actually is the better market. It has all these stalls with high quality handmade jewellery and authentic tribal pieces- great dreamcatchers for a dorm room ;)!

You have to go quite early because it gets more crowded in the afternoon and closes at around 6.

So many cute cushions- and they're actually quite soft! This is Megan and the kitty kat. I just want to buy all of them but I already have like two rooms worth of cushions so I'll just stop here.

So many nice wooden phone cases. This one has "I love you" carved on it in more than 10 languages. I am definitely getting a mandala one next time I visit.

T'is the season of big hats! This is from a very sweet shop full of lacy and fluffy skirts right in the middle of the market!

From Mexican Folk Art with crazy Frida Kahlo arrangements to vegan bakeries, Camden is the place to be!

I promise it's not as chaotic as it looks.

Such chubby fingers, so little rings that fit.

You can almost always find something quirky going on in the streets of Camden. Loving this Alice in Wonderland inspired set up.

We call this the Angel vs. the Devil. Or maybe the blondie and the brunette.

YAY for orange juice. Made right in front of your eyes. Only for you.

So much yum. Enjoy any exotic veggie food in the Global food hall downstairs. I loved my veggie stir fry noodles.

And the best thing about Camden is that it's only 20 minutes of walking distance from our dorm.

We'll be back.

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