What's On The Moon? // 12th September 2015

Instead of making a selection, I've decided to write about one of my favourite places that I got the chance to visit again after quite a long time. Plus, the highlight of my week, as you might have already guessed was *drumroll*: moving to London! Tip. Tap. Tip. Tap. You hear the sound your shoes make on the old pavement as you walk past the hipster houses which, probably, belong to some quirky English celebrity, when suddenly all your senses arouse as you smell vanilla from a tray of freshly baked cupcakes from the hip Bakery nearby, you lift your head up and see the signs: You're in Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London's Rom-Com capital.

Yes. The very place where Julia Roberts ran to Hugh Grant. The very place where the amazing Carnival takes place every year in August. And the very place where all your dreams can, and possibly will, come true.

The one thing I love about Notting Hill is that wherever you go, you always find something new. From an old vintage shop to a small coffee shop with some good quality jazz playing. Sometimes even the DIY shops are interesting. At least according to my dad.

Almost all restaurants are super good and always have a vegetarian option, and there will always be one right around the corner, probably next to the cute pink house.

This lentil-quinoa veggie burger @ First Floor was really good. They have more vegetarian options but who can ever say no to a burger, right?

This is George Orwell's old house! I find it very cool that one of the most inspirational writers of all time who has helped shape English literature as it is now has lived here and here I am, standing on the very pavement that he walked past as I take this very picture. Now that's what I call a historic moment.

I've been eating quite a lot of junk since I came to London (guess I have to do something about it), so going into Holland & Barrett kind of made me come to my senses. Everything is so damn healthy. This vegan strawberry flapjack was so good and makes sure that vegans and vegetarians don't miss out on this British goodness.

H&B also has quite a wide range of Nakd bars and I must say, if you never tasted them, prepare to fall in love.

Even though Notting Hill isn't the art capital of London ( I will talk about my favorite place in London as well.. for now shh), there are quite a few remarkable street art pieces such as this one. Made me look!

Lovely lady selling handmade cushions right in the middle of Portobello Road. Of course I bought the Frida one and can't wait to place it in my dorm room!

My motto. Should be yours as well.

A shot from the Unofficial Banksy st0re. Even though I love Banksy's art, I believe that in some ways he is actually in a hypocritical position since his artwork is valued by the society and is actually commercialised when in fact, the whole idea of street art comes from defying the concept of establishment which, in Banksy's case, sounds a bit out of place. However, I will always have respect for Banksy's artwork and believe that he uses his talent to underline important issues of our times.

That's all for this weeks Mina On The Moon! I am currently very busy with the orientation schedule since I'm starting college in a week, but I have more and more posts coming since I'm in the most inspiring place that I could ever wish to be.

Love you and take care,

MT xx

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