Simplicity: The Grey Jumper

  Greetings earthlings, marsians, cats of coffee pots!

As a sucker for simplicity and the wonders of basics, I think it's finally time to write this post. 

I believe that in order to look chic and trendy, you don't necessarily have to be all dolled up in designer clothes. However, you will need to find key pieces a.k.a. wardrobe diamonds that will fashionize each outfit. So what are these key pieces and how do you find them?

I believe that since the weathers getting cooler day by day you need a simple jumper that will suit basically everything. Since grey is one of my favorite colors and it's such a simple color, I choose grey.

You can stick with any jumper in a simple color (brown, black, white, grey..etc.) and combine them with basically anything..


 When I say you can combine it with anything, I mean you can combine it with anything.


I will be doing more wardrobe essentials posts because now that I'm away from my actual wardrobe (I mean I still have most of my stuff with me...) I will be sticking with my essentials more. Plus, I believe that simplifying your wardrobe and getting rid of clutter will be so good both mentally and phsically and you will realize that you actually have more when you have less. Less is more.

PS: I will be doing What's On The Moon? in a few days! Still gathering content.

That's all for today, lovelies, never forget to simplify!


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