What's In My Bag? // Travel Edition

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 14.20.33  I'm all set. With 4 luggages full of cozy winter clothes and dorm room decorations, I'm ready to go! Besides my excitement, that leaves only one thing to take care of, to prepare my backpack! I've recently got myself this Fjallraven Kanken Bag (the colour is "Putty)" and I'm ready to fill it with all sorts of goodies:

  1. My Moleskine Travel Journal & 18 Month Journal

I'm a total Moleskine addict. I believe that I own more than 10 notebooks, all with different purposes. My travel journal is more like a diary of things I see and the ways I feel when I'm abroad, so I believe that it will be useful when I'm living by myself in London.

I have tried other journals besides Moleskine but none was able to keep me organised as the 18 month version. It lets you see all the weeks errands and has a special place for you to take notes. Coming from a very Monica person, this is the only organiser you need.

           2.    All Time Beauty Favorites On-The-Go

  • Soap & Glory Hand Food: THE BEST HAND CREAM EVER. It keeps them hydrated and soft even in the coldest and darkest of times...
  • Korres Lip Balm: Because what can the Greeks do wrong, right?
  • My signature perfume: Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, even if I try a new scent for a few months, I'll always come back to you.

           3. My Favorite Cameras

  • My Lomography Diana: Looks good. Feels good. And can make almost any object look arsty.
  • My beloved Canon 600D: It's all I need in life.

           4. My Passport

Because you can't travel without a passport. Duh.

              5. My Favorite Wallet

I bet you've seen this in other posts as well but I just love my red Furla wallet. Very easy to organise, use and spend... Oops.

               6. My Laptop

Aaaand finally my laptop! So that I can write more and more and more posts during my long stay. I am loving my 15 inch retina and as a mac user since forever, this has been my all time fave.

All I need to add to this bundle is Vogue UK, then I'll be complete.

I hope you enjoyed this tiny post, since I'm kind of busy with the whole packing process, I had to keep this one a bit shorter than the usual but I'm keen on making sure that the next one is written from a cozy coffeeshop in London...

Until that time, may the force be with you;

MT xx