What's On The Moon? // 30th August 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my new page that you will love- I love it already. What's On The Moon? is a page where I'll be sharing my favourites of the week: from food to products, style to movies, books to tv shows and much more. I will also be featuring my blogger discovery of the week //  or the most active person on my blog starting from next week! 1.Food Favourite of the Week: Açai Berry Juice 



Gosh. How did I spend years without this juice made of rainbows and probably unicorn smiles? It tastes so good in banana nice creams, oatmeal and even on its own. And as another pro to this heaven-on-earth creation, I actually learned how to pronounce açai (thanks google). It's ah-sai. Not achai/achaie/ah-whatever.  If you never tried it before, you should. You have to. Its just too good, you feel me?

2. Beauty Favourite of the Week: Urban Decay Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette



I never was an eyeshadow person. I used to stick to my dark brown pencils and my Benefit Bad Gal Eyeliners. However, after seeing almost every female on earth loving the signature Urban Decay eyeshadows, I wanted to give them a try. So I went to the nearest Sephora and got myself the Basics set since I'm not really into the shimmery ones that the Naked 1 & 2 series have; and I think all the colours in the Basics set are the ones that I was looking for anyway.

At first, I used to get them all around my eyes- even on my nose-, and I used to be scared to use the dark ones so I stuck with the lightest colours. But after actually learning how to properly put eyeshadow on (another post *wink wink*), I must say that this little beauty kit became my all time favourite.

I also enjoy it for some fun night time goofing around-make up (yep, you guessed it right, I'm home-alone). I have no idea what those spots on my nose are, by the way. They're not zits, I think I'm turning into the only brunette with freckles that appear  after 18 years and 50 weeks (yes my birthday is in two weeks^^). #NoMakeUp #Bruh



3. Favourite Book of The Week: The Happiness Project- Gretchen Rubin


I love books. I read a ridiculous amount of books every year- no I'm not bragging- it actually is a ridiculous amount. I randomly grabbed this book while browsing racks in a bookstore, without the purpose of actually buying anything. But then again, don't we find wonders not while looking for them- but when fully experiencing the biggest wonder of them all called life?

The words written on the back cover of the book immediately gave me the chills:

"The days are long, but the years are short. Time is passing and I'm not focusing enough on the things that really matter."

I knew that I had to buy this book. It is considered as a Memoir/Self Help book but I find it an inadequate tag for such an inspiring book. If you're willing to make some changes in your life and actually do those things that you've been postponing for ever, get this book; sit back, and watch as your life changing experience begins.

PS: She also had an online site to build your own Happiness Project, however it got deleted from her blog. Bring it back Gretchen, please!

4. Favourite Mood-Booster of the Week: Blueberry Pie Candle



This Blueberry Pie Candle from Our Own Candle Company smells so good that it makes you feel as if you're in a house in Georgia in the year 1950, waiting for your nanna to call you downstairs to have some of her ole' traditional blueberry pie. You get the feel. I stumbled across it while shopping for clothes (what a surprise!) and knew that I had to get it. And aren't the matches so cool? A friend of mine got them for me!

I am such a candle freak and have tried probably more than 30 candles (I can write a review on that but I don't think anybody other than me actually cares this much about candles). Currently, I'm grieving over the fact that I won't be able to take my beloved candles to my dorm in London room because of the rules. I better burn them while I still can, right?

5. Favourite Decoration of the Week: My Maneki Neko Japanese Cat (feat. My Frida)


I searched for this figure for so long that I was almost planning on building my own. I found one in the China Town in Singapore and it's waving its paw in my room ever since. The Maneki Neko is supposed to bring luck to the owner and is also called the welcoming cat, money cat, lucky cat, happy cat, beckoning cat or fortune cat in English.

It is said to have many tales so I'm quoting some:

The stray cat and the shop: The operator of an impoverished shop (or inn, tavern, temple, etc.) takes in a starving, stray cat despite barely having enough to feed himself. In gratitude, the cat takes up a station outside the establishment and beckons in new visitors, bringing prosperity as a reward to the charitable proprietor. Ever after, the "beckoning cat" has been a symbol of good luck for small business owners.

The nobleman-warning cat: One day a luminary passed by a cat, which seemed to wave to him. Taking the cat's motion as a sign, the nobleman paused and went to it. Diverted from his journey, he realized that he had avoided a trap that had been laid for him just ahead. Since that time, cats have been considered wise and lucky spirits. Many Japanese shrines and homes include the figurine of a cat with one paw upraised as if waving, hence the origin of maneki-neko, often referred to as kami-neko in reference to the cat's kami or spirit. Depending on version, the story may cast the nobleman as one of various Japanese emperors, as well as historical characters such as Oda Nobunaga and the samurai Ii Naotaka.

The old woman's cat: An old woman, living in Imado in eastern Tokyo, was forced to sell her cat due to extreme poverty. Soon afterwards the cat appeared to her in a dream. The cat told her to make its image in clay. She did as instructed, and soon afterward sold the statue. She then made more, and people bought them as well. These maneki-neko were so popular she soon became prosperous and wealthy.

6. Favourite Piece of the Week: My Pandora London Charm


I love my Pandora charms and now have a collection of quite a few. This last addition was made by my best friend who moved to Philadelphia (hey you!) and I am absolutely in love with this charm. It reminds me about London's wonders and how lucky I am to get to spend the next 4 years there, plus, it shows me that no matter where in the world, best friends are always best friends.

I am filling my charm bracelet quite fast and I love how I carry memories from all around the world. That's why I always get charms representing the country I'm visiting in order not to ever forget the good times I've had there.

7. Favourite Songs of the Week 

  • Where Are Ü Now- Jack Ü, Skrillex, Diplo, Justin Bieber

I love it when the beat drops, of course- Skrillex, duh!- and I also love the music video. I can't even imagine how many sketches they used!

  • Hotline Bling- Drake

Because who wouldn't like Drake? "...you used to call me on my cellphone..."

  • White Iverson- Post Malone

Suggested by a dear friend (yo whadup), trust me, you'll love it for a late night deep thoughts moment.

  • Deadwater- Wet

As said in an old indian quote, never make a list without an indie song.

  • Anna Sun- Walk The Moon

It had me at moon.

8. Favourite Movie of the Week: PIXELS

Such a cute movie! As a person from a generation (Talkin' bout my generation!) that grew up both with video games like Pacman and with games created with computers -that were newly rising at that time-, I must say that I find this movie hilarious and entertaining.

I'm not really passionate about Adam Sandler, since I find him repetitive- always playing the loser that somehow appears to be cool towards the end of the movie- but with amazing guest stars such as Peter Dinklage, you don't really get bothered by Adam Sandler. I wouldn't really name this movie a cult or a possible blockbuster, however it's okay to watch this if you have loads of free time or an 8 year old to entertain.

9. Personal Highlight of the Week: MY HAIRCUT, DUH


That's all for today folks! See you at next weeks What's On The Moon?

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