Ugly Is The New Black // Arizona Birkies


Love it- or hate it: You want it. I won't lie, couple of months ago when my dad showed up with a pair of Arizona Birkenstocks I was shocked. Until about that time, I considered them to be "out" of fashion and out of my style forever. He kept on talking about how comfy they were and I kept on rolling my eyes and saying "you're not even a grandfather yet..."


As for other types of Birkies, I've always loved them and still do have a couple of colors in the classic style. I love combining them with jeans, skirts or dresses; and not necessarily in a casual way. I believe that we've carried the concept of fashion to such an amazing place that it is okay not to wear uncomfortable stilettos all the time and for once since a few decades, comfort does matter. 

One day, again with my dad a.k.a. My Birkenstock inspiration, we wandered into one of their stores. Jokingly I decided to try a white pair in the classic Arizona style.

I never imagined I would love them this much. So yeah, thanks Dad.


                                          (Illustration by Shit Bloggers Wear)

Heaven on earth. Foot massage while walking. Yet the true love started the moment I looked in the mirror. I think I stared at my feet for a few minutes (if you were also there that day and saw me acting weird, now you have your explanation). How did something so ugly in theory look so good?

After that day, I stopped wearing any sandals or shoes that weren't open-toed (except for JuJu Jellies of course). If you ever wondered how they would look or feel, just run to the nearest Birkenstock store and get yourself some of this comfy hippie goodness.

Now that the weather is getting colder, I will have to part ways with my dear Birkie collection. However, darlings, we always have next summer. And this time at least, we're sure of it from the beginning. Celebrities Love Birkies Too!

The Olsen twins are huge fans of Birkenstocks and Ashley Olsen is hardly ever seen without her black pair during summer. Even though I still have mixed feelings about pairing them with socks, keep rocking them Men Repellers dolls.

  Another favorite of mine is this chill outfit of Jessica Alba, love the way she wears the sandals with just a simple white dress yet manages to look fabulous.   However, even though the Arizona style is the one we love this season, they're still rocking the other ones as well.

Elizabeth Olsen with a classic black pair that I think 70% of the worlds population already has.


Uma Thurman, another #hairgoals (uhm Pulp Fiction, anyone?), rocking the Spartan style.

   Oscar-winner Julianne Moore with the all time classics. But with that hair already, what wouldn't suit her? I think she would look good even in a potato sack.

  To wrap it up, fellas,

They're stylish. They're comfy. They're cute and they're easy to pair. If you're looking for more, I'm afraid it doesn't exist.


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May the force be with you, MT

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