I Tried Kylie Jenner's Nails For A Month- Review

Everybody dreams of having unbreakable, non-chipping, shiny long witch-like nails (you've dreamed of having Kylie's nails once as well). But what are you willing to give up in order to achieve them? I was sick of my nails always breaking and splitting and my nail polish chipping only 2 days after a mani session, so I decided to give the Kylie Nails a go. I personally didn't go for the very long coffin nails, however I've done my fair share of experiments with my oval nails.

IMG_3575-1 At first it feels odd. Really odd. You know the feeling you get when you have wet nail polish on and you're afraid of messing it up? Yup? That's the way you feel the first day of Kylie Nails. IMG_3574But, before even 24 hours, you get this glamorous feeling of confidence rushing through to your body via your nails. You feel unbreakable, extremely confident and as sassy as Beyoncé. You can actually paint over the initial colour and get them to be any colour you want, the painting part was a bit trickier for me since I normally don't have nails that long, and match them to your outfits.

Now, dear people, let's get to the negative part...

They completely messed up my nails. Yes, my nails grew to a length that they normally wouldn't. But they are weaker than ever, very thin and very brittle. I feel like my nails are Wilhelmina Murray and Kylie nails are Dracula. I now had to leave them on their own and gave up on nail polish for a few weeks hoping that they will come back to life.

As for Kylie... She's been doing it for so long that I doubt that she still has actual nails connected to her body. No matter how fabulous you are, give them a break girl.

-But would you get them again? 

+Hell yes.



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