Pitch Perfect 2 & Did They Really Have To?

PP_set_jpeg pitch-perfect-2-poster I love movies and I love soundtracks. And when combined with a more than perfect acapella version of modern songs, you just can't hate Pitch Perfect. I am crazy for all the songs from the first movie, and if someone from the next building started singing "I guess it's just the woman in you..", I would probably be able to finish it by rapping the whole lyrics of No Diggity. So that's why, the hardcore Jessie-Beca shipper in me was so excited to hear that there would be a 2nd Pitch Perfect. I've done my share of waiting, cuddled up in blankets (all hail air-con) and started watching. I must say that I was really disappointed first, because there was no cover of Rick Springfield's Jessie's Girl when it's just SO OBVIOUS and CRUCIAL. Secondly, it just wasn't right. I wanted to see more Jessie/Beca, more Treblemakers and more socialisation.

But all we got was:

  • An old german acapella band, Das Sound Machine, which in fact was amazing voice-wise and performance-wise, however we really didn't need to see that much of them, since the movie was supposedly about the acapella bands of Barden University teens,
  •  Bellas fail//Bellas succeed vicious cycle, they just projected it too much that after the 20th minute of the movie you actually start guessing everything ahead,
  • No remarkable songs! In the first movie everything was just so relatable and in place that I knew almost every song after only watching it once, but now I only remember the "Flashlight" song, which was quite good (at least in the last part) and all others are just its and bits of really good songs forced to be glued together when in fact, they don't fit at all.
  • A promise and official date for Pitch Perfect 3, I have mixed feelings about this. It can either be really good and make us forget that there ever was a second movie, or it can suck even more that the second one and make us want to go back to 2014 and watch the first one over and over again to forget our pain.

No matter how good they are at representing teen relations and actually have the vibe that a normal chill college would have, they are not good at inserting this between the fabulous soundtracks. I'm sorry Elizabeth Banks, no matter how much I like you, aca-scuse me, but it just wasn't good.

I, personally, won't be watching the second movie ever again, no matter how gorgeous Anna Kendrick is. I will stick to the old one, keep singing the old songs and pretend Pitch Perfect 2 never happened.

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