Why Respect Is Important

I have been in situations where me being vegan actually made me feel as if I was doing something wrong and in that moment I told myself; this can't be it. People can't make you feel bad for ordering in a bit more complex way than others. People can't make you feel as if you're obliged to order only "easy" things in order not to "stress the waiter". People can't accuse you for wasting time and effort while all you're doing is trying to make a change. People who don't care about the animals, the environment and their health don't get a say in what you eat when it's hard to find vegan food. NO, you won't only eat a salad just because that is the easiest option. Just because industries and restaurants in some countries find it hard to make changes on their menu doesn't mean that you shouldn't ask for them. People can't try to make you feel bad about this. You will order whatever you want. I really don't understand it when people make fun of veganism or healthy eating. You're the one stuffing your face with dead animal flesh, you're the one acting carelessly, you're the one not respecting other peoples dietary choices which are in fact the things that in the long term will make an actual change. I suggest that before going on and having an "oh really you're eating vegetables ew" kind of attitude, learn how to respect people, the environment and the animals. Then come and argue with me about veganism. You can't question someones values and then wait for them to respect you.